Buy a House Through Me and I will Pay for Your Ceremony!

You are trusting me for the most important day in your life. Why not extend that trust to the most important purchase in your life — the purchase of a new home.
Justice Jerry has been a Massachusetts licensed Real Estate Agent for overt six years.   He has recently become a licensed Broker allowing him to set his own prices and policies.

If you engage Justice Jerry & Company to officiate at your wedding and contract me to help you find a home as your “Exclusive Buyer’s Agent”,  I will refund the entire cost of your wedding immediately after you legally close on your new home. This is perfectly legal and will appear on the HUD statement at the time of closing. If the home you purchase is over $300,000.00
I will rebate as much as twice the cost of your wedding.
There is never a cost to you for using a Buyer’s Agent and all fees are paid by the Seller. A Buyers Agent represents the interests of the Buyer and contrary to popular belief, the Seller’s Agent strictly represents the Seller. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the person selling you a home is your friend or ally. Let me tell you how it really is!

We also represent seller’s at a huge discounted listing rate.  Another, Justice Jerry first!