I speak to many couples who tell me that they have a friend or a relative who is going to get a one day license to perform their marriage.  Do you really want to take a chance on an unprepared friend or family member who has never performed a Wedding?

Marrying a couple requires training. Is your Wedding the right place to let Aunt Martha practice to be a Wedding Officiant? I hear horror stories of entire parts of ceremonies being skipped or performed incorrectly, using friends or relatives. If your friend or relative is a professional Officiant, then having them perform your Vows is an awesome idea.

However if they are not a professional, let me include Aunt Martha or Cousin Larry in your ceremony. They get to be an honored guest, enjoy your Wedding and not be responsible for running the whole show.

Tips are always appreciated for a job well done but of course they are not mandatory.

Rehearsals are not necessary as long as you have a Wedding Coordinator.  Click here to read about my thoughts rehearsals

It is my pleasure to incorporate children and pets into my Ceremonies.  I can even bring my seven pound white ball of fluff — Princess Jazmine to be the Ring Bearer (you supply the cheese)

I have been a supporter of equal rights my entire life.  It is not only my pleasure to officiate at same sex marriages but it is my privilege as well.

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